Light Up Your Life at Eliot’s High-End Recreational Cannabis Emporium

Welcome to the home of refined relaxation! East Coast Cannabis is an oasis of quality and class tucked away in the charming town of Eliot, ME. We’re not your average ‘pot shop,’ no, no. Imagine instead, a sommelier of cannabis, guiding you expertly through a selection of the most exquisite strains you ever did have the pleasure of puffing.

The High Life Awaits

Setting foot in our elegant dispensary is like stepping into a haven for cannabis connoisseurs. Every product is carefully curated, promising a range of enlightened experiences for both recreational and medicinal enthusiasts. We’re raising the standards…and, quite typically, elevating your mood!

Tastefully Crafted, Expertly Curated

From exclusive craft strains to custom-blends, our selection is the crème de la crème of the cannabis world. And our knowledgeable staff? Think of them as your personal cannabis cicerones, guiding your journey to the perfect variety to fire up your senses, unwind your mind or tickle your fancy. East Coast Cannabis, where the high life is just a visit away.