Chocolates, Gummies and Bears, Oh My! The Rise of Edibles in Grand Haven.

When Dorothy exclaimed, “We’re not in Kansas anymore,” she might as well have been stepping into New Standard’s Grand Haven outlet, Michigan’s whimsical wonderland of marijuana edibles. Now, our favorite childhood treats have a grown-up twist!

Visitors can take a crunchy bite out of the finest cannabis-infused chocolate or sweetly suck on fruit-flavored gummies that could easily be mistaken for a supermarket checkout impulse buy – simply delicious. Yet these vibrant nuggets pack a punch more powerful than a sugar rush!

Step into this dispensary storefront, and you’re not just entering a store. Its more like stepping into a confectionery Narnia, where instead of the White Witch’s Turkish Delights, we’re handed chewy treats promising not eternal winter, but a chilled out evening. Cannabis cooking has redesigned munchies in Grand Haven in a fun and flavorful way.

With ‘safety-first’ as their mantra, you’re assured of a delightful and secure journey down this rabbit hole. So skip along the yellow brick road to a world of Cannabis confections at New Standard Grand Haven and remember – there’s no place like home when you’re snacking on our edibles!