Your First-Time Guide: Exploring Wellness at Our Recreational and Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

Exploring the world of cannabis for the first time can be a uniquely transformative experience. The first thing you’ll need is a reliable, informed, safe, and legal space where you can explore this new realm. Welcome to Iconic Wellness, your trusted hub, whether it’s about a Marijuana Provisioning Center or a Medical Marihuana Dispensary.

Dive in, here’s your essential guide to your first visit.

1. Know The Basics

The world of Cannabis speaks a language of its own. It’s good to know some basic terms. ‘Dispensary’ is one such term – it refers to a place where you can purchase cannabis legally. Dispensaries like ours in Sturgis, MI, Gaylord, MI, and Lowell, MI are licensed to sell marijuana products for both medical and recreational purposes.

2. Understand The Types Of Cannabis Dispensaries

There are three main types of cannabis dispensaries: Medical, Recreational, and Dual-License. We are proud to have a dual license, which means we cater to both Medical Marihuana Dispensary seekers as well as recreational users.

3. The Right Place To Explore

Choose a pot shop that emphasizes not just the sales, but education, safety, and community connection. Iconic Wellness is committed to providing a comfortable environment where anyone from experienced consumers to curious newcomers can ask questions and explore our diverse product range.

4. What You Can Expect In Store

Once you walk through our doors, expect a welcoming environment. A receptionist will verify your ID, then you’ll be free to explore the dispensary. Our budtenders are always eager to discuss your preferences, explain differences, suggest products, and help you understand dosing and safe usage.

5. Hours Of Operation

Our hours of operation allow riders of the green wave plenty of time to visit, explore, and educate themselves.

Let us be your reliable guide into this expansive and enriching world of wellness. See you at our Iconic Wellness stores soon!